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Why Won’t My Cat Drink from Her Bowl?

  • 2 June 2017
  • Pet Wants

Giving your cat high-quality food every day that’s enhanced with added vitamins and minerals is a very important part of helping your pet feel and function her best. Finding fun ways to keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated is another key element. Ensuring your cat gets enough water also needs to be a priority. We all know what it’s like to feel a little lethargic after forgetting to drink enough water throughout the day. Cats can encounter the same kind of sluggishness when they aren’t properly hydrated.

With some cats, proper hydration is as simple as filling their bowl with fresh water a couple of times every day. However, many cats are not be very interested in the water in their bowl but quite interested in running water from a location like the faucet tap.

Because cats have a fondness for water that’s moving, you may see your cat repeatedly knocking over his water bowl by pawing at it or trying to go to a bathroom in search of a toilet bowl to drink out of. Since these types of actions can quickly escalate from cute and funny to frustrating, we want to explain the why behind them, along with what you can do to encourage your cat to drink from a specific water source:

5 Reasons Your Cat May Not Drink from Its Bowl

Even though there’s not one clear explanation for many cats’ behavior with their water bowls, experts have come up with a few plausible theories. The first is that house cats are descendants of desert cats and therefore are nutritionally designed to go for longer periods without water. Some cats may be wired to avoid still water due to its higher likelihood of causing sickness. Another reason a cat may not be interested in the water in its bowl is it doesn’t like the temperature. It could be your cat may simply associate its water bowl with playing instead of a way to get hydrated. And finally, your cat may just be busy being a cat.

Consider a Cat Water Fountain

Although it can be both frustrating and worrisome to notice that your cat isn’t drinking enough water from its bowl, the widespread nature of this problem means there are solutions. One option is switching a cat from a standard water bowl to a fountain. You can easily find cat water fountains online for less than $25. By switching to a fountain, you’ll be able to give your cat a safe and consistent drinking experience that’s more compelling than a standard bowl.

Cans May Be the Answer

One of the best options for giving cats enough moisture is to supplement their high-quality kibble with a can of cat food. Keep the dry and wet cat food separate to avoid stubbornness issues. Be sure to choose a cat can that is high in protein, low in ash, and has no soy, wheat, or gluten. (Ask us for tips about getting finicky cats to eat wet food!)

When combined with a daily diet of Pet Wants food, you can be confident that your cat’s body is getting everything it needs. Contact Pet Wants Henderson at: (702) 260-1011.